AMP Therapeutics’ novel technology and antibiotic compounds

AMP Therapeutics discovers and develops new medicines for the treatment of severe hospital-acquired bacterial infections predominantly caused by (multi)drug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria. AMPT will address this challenge by executing the preclinical and clinical development of its proprietary antibacterial compounds to bring these drug candidates to the market.

Antimicrobal peptides occur in all species of the animal and plant kingdom. These natural peptides represent a large evolutionary optimized natural library of biologically active peptides. They serve as a chemical space to design and discover improved analogs by investigating structure-activity relationships (SAR).

AMPT is developing its lead compounds based on the sequences of antimicrobial peptides from insects. Through systematic sequence variation analogs are designed, synthesized and tested that demonstrate superior antibacterial properties. This includes, in particular, a novel mechanism of action, a prerequisite for antibiotics with activity against (multi)drug-resistant Gram-negative pathogens.